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Borghese Zoo is a technique often used by Zoos worldwide. Rome Zoo entails the provision of different stimuli to encourage natural behaviour and greater activity in captive animals. Environmental enrichment is a very useful…
In Rome zoo Italy nature becomes knowledge
The Bioparco di Roma is among the largest and oldest Zoological Gardens in Italy.  Villa Borghese zoo objective is to contribute to general public and school education on a broad range of environmental issues. Apart from animals that have been confiscated by the police.
Many visitors like to feed the Rome zoo animals, but this can harm their health and may in fact be lethal to them! Animals at the Bioparco follow a specific and closely monitored diet, prepared and varied according to the season and physiology of each species….

Given its special setting in the centre of the city – in Villa Borghese – the Bioparco zoo in Rome can be reached easily either by bus or by metro. A large free parking space is available in the square just in front of the entrance, allowing easy…
Opening times, tickets, prices
Information about opening times, ticket costs and season tickets.
Everything you need to know about the Bioparco.
The Zoo is open every day of the year except for the 25th of December – Christmas Day.

The opening times 2018 of the Bioparco are the following:
1 Jan – 23 Mar 9.30 am – 17.00 pm
24 Mar – 28 Oct 9.30 am – 18.00 pm
29 Oct – 31 Dec 9.30 am – 17.00 pm

24 Mar – 30 Sept 9.30 am – 19.00 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Last entrance 60 minutes before closing time.
Night time openings: only for meetings and special events.

Please note: no dogs or pets allowed with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

Due to the zoo animals’ needs, these exhibits will be closed at the following times:

FELINES(lions, lynxes, leopards, tigers)
60 minutes before closing time

45 minutes before closing time

30 minutes before closing time

60 minutes before closing time

Our offers are certainly the most profitable: Rome italy amusement park  and include the park tickets view all day with unlimited games and rides and also eating a hot lunch inside in the park ( fast food  shops) our  B & B is with breakfast and indoor parking. We are among the hotels with the magicland park. Also try matching magicland park + zoomarine or cinecittà world Park with coupon and family discount coupons as well as the chance to have breakfast and get ready with Valmontone Family Welcome’s Harf mascot. at special rates at least 30-40% in partnership with Valmontone Family welcome Emotions with new live shows with Gattobaleno like Illusion, Red Riding Hood the stunt show, Robin Hood and combining your minivance in Rome and Rome’s fun parks with so many amazing benefits and promotional offers and a unique interlocutor. Possibility to make combinations with Zoomarine, Bioparco and Cinecittà world

Embrace the fun side of Italy Rome amusement park with a ticket to Rainbow Magic Land, the amusement park outside Rome. Enjoy a day at Rainbow Magic Land in Valmontone, about 20 minutes from Rome, to take in some of the 40 attractions and shows. Visit the outlet shops nearby to browse the selection at over 180 factory stores. Get the Tourist Card to obtain exclusive privileges. Highlights Entry ticket to Rainbow Magic Land near Rome Enjoy a day of rides, shows and other attractions Ride roller coasters and aquatic rides Cheer for your team during a Medieval banquet and tournament of Camelot’s knights Shop in the theme park’s boutiques What You Can Expect Spend a day enjoying the shows and attractions at the Rainbow Magic Land theme park near Rome and the Castelli Romani with this one-day entry ticket. Meet the Rainbow Magic Land mascot, Gattobaleno – a cat with a rainbow tail – and the six Winx fairies as you enjoy the 40 shows and attractions in the amusement park. See Alfea’s Castle and the ‘Gran Teatro,’ go on thrilling rides (such as roller coasters, aquatic attractions, aquatic shows and falling tower), discover exciting worlds and enjoy entertaining cabaret shows. Sit back and enjoy shows like Illusion, Magic Bubble, Winx in Concert, Magic Motors, I Love Winx and the Camelot Dinner Show. Take part in a Medieval banquet while you watch a tournament of Camelot’s knights. Get involved in the games by supporting your team. Stop for sustenance at Castello Restaurant or Belvedere Pizzeria with a view overlooking Fairy Lake. Shop in any of the theme park’s stores for a Magic Land memento, or visit the nearby outlet shops to browse the 180 factory stores Really the best from the   Rainbow land Rome.

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offerte rainbow magicland hotel

offerte rainbow magicland hotel






 Try also rainbow land Rome in Italy  the biggest rainbow magicland theme park in Italy. Enjoy a Rainbow land rome with rainbow shuttle and  have fun with rainbow magic games, find ,google rainbow, italy amusement parks ask us some rainbow information better than rainbow official website 

What to expect from the amusement park rainbow magicland

Rainbow Magicland, the best amusement park in Rome, is an incredible and assured fun inspired by the magic Winx fairies and all the Rainbow cartoons. There are 38 attractions that are cleverly interwoven with exciting shows that will keep you in the breathtaking breath to experience magic and fun in the spirit of Valmontone Family Welcome. You do not need a Groupon to visit ‘the largest amusement park in rome with exciting attractions for adults and children and fun shows traveled in magic and fantasy for an area of ??around 600,000 square feet and discovering 6 themed areas. Rainbow Magicland offers its visitors even great and varied events, and at least 2 unique attractions in Europe Get Info Now

The Extreme Stunt show brings you amid stunning adrenaline acrobatics of cars and motorbikes, venturing into the Viking Ocean, clashing in exciting naval battles, hang-gliding with inflatable children, diving in the glorious world with Gattobaleno and more. Wondrous worlds await you to discover the magic of fun and adventure.

Magicland The Valmontone Playground is inspired by Rainbow characters and environments such as Winx, Poppixie, Huntik etc. Among the attractions for young children, we point out the “Pixie Village”, which includes many games suitable for younger children, and also attractions include “low” heights, vibrant colors, rounded shapes, rotating cups, carriages that look like mega plants, a mini wheel panoramic and and elephants that really fly. Kids will not be bored and they will also be able to try “Monster Allergy Monster Monster” Bombo. Among the finest attractions that make us go back in time, we refer to the Winx residence “The Castle of Alfea”, which incorporates within it a 25-meter dome with a 4D cinema where you can experience original experiences and unique. Very beautiful is also the “Maison Houdini”, which will wait you at a depth of 16 meters and will rotate you with tilting floors and rotating walls. Do not forget to skip on the flying Island, a beautiful Gardaland-style aerial platform that accommodates up to 100 people and extends up to 40 feet giving you stunning views and breathtaking views spinning around your axis and allowing a unique park view. The Virtual Coster “Dutch Volante” takes you into virtual reality but with thrilling routes while a visit to the Aztec world will make you swim in the rapids but it’s worth it.

There are plenty of attractions for the impassive and brave roller coaster, “Shock, the Steam Machine”, with which you will be shot from zero to 100 in a few seconds trying something indescribable: during downhills within 3 seconds you will reach the impressive speed of 100 km / h. For the fans of the thrill we find Cagliostro “a beautiful attraction indoor indoor, with rotating wagons, heights reaching 17 mph at speeds close to 58 km / h, all in a reassuring scenario inspired by the world of Cagliostro, esoteric and 18th century alchemist and “Mystica”: a tall tower of 70 meters from which you can experience the thrill of a free fall that is strongly discouraged by the most sensitive. One of the specific features of MagicLand is the interior. Indeed, inside one of the most beautiful indoor attractions is hidden: “Huntik” this year in 5D and allows the visitor to live multisensoriously an unmatched adventure on a dark wagon through three-dimensional screens, but also more complex projections you will be deciding on the destiny of your journey into the bowels of the earth. Lastly, the carnet of the shows that this year presents with new and fun specials, stunts and fights between gladiators at the Great Theater and the shaky baling that we are sure will not be crazy to enthrall even the most skeptics.

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